Episode 8


April 1st, 2008

42 mins 20 secs

Season 1

Your Hosts

About this Episode

This show was recorded back in February, but only now have we had the chance to edit it and get it out. This one features Mr Clayson more, which is a joy to behold.

Shout Outs

The Questions

  • What Podcasts do you listen to regularly? John chose Summer Heights High video podcast.
  • Resources for Fireworks: There aren’t any – leave suggestions in the comments!
  • How do you respond when a client asks you just to ‘make a website?’.
  • Advice for a Morale Officer!
  • Differences between US and UK clients
  • Most British way to respond to client critiscm
  • Which gigs are most looking forward to this year? At any cost, we’d see Starflyer 59 (Jon)
  • Savoury pies: Shortcrust or Puff Pastry top? Best filling?
  • What CMS?
  • Would you rather design an entire web in lite brite or finger paint?
  • Tips for representing yourself online.


  • Child buys car on ebay
  • Since the recording of this episode, Safari 3.1 has been released, which supports @font-face – no need to download a nightly (unless you want to!).

BTW – today is the 90th anniversary of the RAF!